1958 Factory Fresh Fleetside FOR SALE

1958 Factory Fresh Fleetside FOR SALE
Imagine if you will, walking into a Chevrolet dealership December 1958 and seeing the owners specially outfitted 1958 big window fleetside. When I say specially outfitted I mean with all the popular accessories of the day including a V8 upgrade and the 1959 bedside molding package. The dealer had ordered the truck a year prior and then just had his mechanics work on it and never drove it. Now it’s available as the owner his eye on a new prize.
That pretty much sums up what we have for sale today. This double deluxe truck has been frame off restored with NOS parts and or perfect sheet metal. There is NO bodywork on this truck. That’s right no Bondo, lead or spot putty. NOS or virgin sheet metal. No rust ever not even surface rust.
21,000 dollars of NOS Parts including;
  • Windshield wiper motor in accessory windshield washer
  • Radio and all radio components
  • Deluxe air flow heater
  • Wiring
  • Floormat
  • Cig Lighter
  • Glove box light
  • Tailgate chains
  • Tailgate
  • Tailgate trinions
  • All lights
  • T3 Bulbs
  • Hood latch
  • Hood hinges
  • All door parts
  • Shocks
  • Regulator
  • Fan shroud
  • Gas tank sending unit
And the list goes on.
This has been a 2-year labor of love replacing every nut and bolt with brand new period correct hardware. I have been in the NOS GM parts business since 1973 and have restored a lot of trucks, but never one to this degree.
The appraisal came in at 93K and I am offering this fresh restoration at 83K.
Located in Central California.
I want to thank Bobby Radford, Steve Van Morkhoven and the dozens of friends that have helped me dig for NOS without you this would not have turned out the way it did.
DM me for more info.