Quality Classic Parts Fan Mail - Update

Quality Classic Parts Fan Mail - Update

We love feedback here at Quality Classic Parts.
Just received this message from another satisfied customer on my doors. I’ve sold over 300 pairs of them in the last 2 1/2 years. One of the best parts I ever developed. Thank you Nick Connolly for the business!
"Seth Doulton, I spent 10 minutes hanging the first door and wow I can't believe how great it fit with minimal adjustment. I still have some things to make them close to perfect but I just can't say enough on how great they fit."
"As you know I’ve been restoring trucks for the last 30 years. I have struggled with the big box parts which mainly come from overseas to find good weatherstripping and rubber for the trucks. Typically the shape is wrong and/or the fit is terrible. I just wanted to write you and tell you that the vent window rubber that I got from you in the back seal rubber fit better than original. When you say Quality Classic parts you mean quality. I’ve been close the photos to show you the difference.
The one on the left is your and the one on the right is brand X huge difference in size and that was the problem we had the rubber was to big yours even feels better quality so i thank you and also for the tool and fast shipping ill for sure be buying more of these rubber seals."
Hi Seth this is Colin Gottselig,
I ordered 2 key chains for a 51 Chevrolet truck and they arrived within a week to me in Canada. They were packaged nice and are remarkable. Thank you very much for the quick service and the great product, they will be cherished.
"Why haven’t other vendors of classic vehicle parts found a solution to the ongoing problem of door handle gaskets deteriorating. The rubber gaskets everyone else only offer, begin to to degrade fairly immediately because they are crushed and spread out under the door handles. Classic made these gaskets out of a material that won’t UV degrade and is apparently what the originals were made from. Thanks for your diligence in providing a better product, no matter how seemingly minor."

I’m ecstatic to receive these so quickly and such high-quality. I’ve been shopping for them a while, they’re very hard to find for the 58 and 59 GMC trucks. Thank you so much for your high-quality parts and great price! You are a lifesaver for the classic Truck home enthusiast who wants to bring back their Classic Truck! My late father’s truck desperately needed these bezels."

"This is a very hard repair part to find. Been looking for this for some time as I have a fender that had been damaged and improperly repaired before I purchased the vehicle. Part was shipped promptly and was exactly as described."

"I just want you to know that I've bought Door seals from three other parts companies and none of them worked. I couldn't get the door shut they would not collapse well enough to get the door shut. As soon as I installed your door they work perfect they have nice flexible compaction. Thank you for your high-quality parts." Crossroads Customs

The best eBay seller I’ve done business with, in over 30 years of being a eBay buyer. The merchandise was packaged perfectly - protecting the merchandise during shipping. The shipping was FAST, communication was highly appreciated. Will continue to do business with this eBay seller. THANK YOU VERY MUCH" “Sempre- Fi” MGySgt USMC
"Once again, hats off to Seth Doulton for his stainless windshield trim and gasket, they fit like a glove. Deep Ellum Auto Glass was here for only about 90 minutes. The looks are like night and day."
"Thanks the latches are great if anyone needs 55 - 59 chevy truck parts Seth Doulton has great Parts"
It worked out good considering the last two seals were too big ...yours is the same profile as the OEM seals!!! Great product Seth!!!! Best out there hands down...
seals!!! Great product Seth!!!! Best out there hands down...
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